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Why choose HTU?

Hemp Temps University is the only educational institution in Colorado that offers education and employment in one. HTU has an education platform that ties directly into Hemp Temps, a full service staffing agency specific to the Marijuana industry. In addition to our educational courses, we are now pleased to be offering interactive, infusion classes where we are able to vaporize on site! Stay tuned for more information!

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Starting Your Career In Cannabis

Are you new to the industry and looking for employment? Do you need to gain knowledge and experience? Hemp Temps University can get you educated and out in the field immediately. We offer flexible class schedules teaching many different skills. Come get educated today with a job tomorrow!


Meet The Team

Our amazing team of trainers has decades of combined experience in all facets of the cannabis industry. We’re here to ensure each student’s long term success. Our trainers are constant staying up to date with the latest industry trends and practices. We would love to hear from you!



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We just want to use cannabis and work

Since California’s recent law passed allowing legalized Marijuana, California is now reducing or dropping thousands of Marijuana convictions dating back from decades ago. District Attorney from San Francisco, George Gascon said “My office could dismiss and seal more than 3,000 misdemeanor Marijuana convictions in this city dating back to 1975. Prosecutors will now review and…

Marijuana Jobs- Mass Hiring

Have you ever dreamed about working in the cannabis industry? Have you wondered what it would be like to work  with plants all day in the garden? Or how are cannabis infused products made? The ever changing cannabis industry offer a multitude of positions, with new openings every day. Whether you are MED badged or…

CannaFest Job Fair

Join us for CannFest!!  A Cannabis friendly job fair October 3rd 2018, Wednesday,  from 2pm to 7pm Where: Tetra Private Lounge and Garden located at: 3039 Walnut St Denver CO 80202 We will be accepting applications and resumes for: Trimmers, Bud tenders, Packagers, and Grow Assistants, interviews will be available as well Free dabs, smoking…